30-Minute (or less) So Easy-to-Do Holiday Crafts

30-Minute (or less) So Easy-to-Do Holiday Crafts



Ho-Ho-Holy cow it’s the holidays. I’m still mourning Halloween and now Thanksgiving is less than a week away. Geesh! Well, I’ll just jump right in. I wanted to share some easy-to-do holiday crafts that I’ve done. You can do this all pretty quick and with one trip to your craft superstore of choice.



Styrofoam wreath. Few spools of yarn (I did gray and muted aqua tones). Some fun little felt accents and some tiny pine cones I fished out of some unused potpourri. To make this, just do sections of yarn by anchoring it with a spot of hot glue and then wrapping and wrapping and ending with another spot of hot glue. The options are endless, so create any look you want! I did some overlapping for some visual interest. You’ll also notice, my wreath doesn’t have round edges. I just thought that was kinda different and gave for some crisp clean lines.


Wintry Wonderland In A Jar

You only need four things for this one. Mason jars, vary the sizes if you want. Miniature trees. Bag ‘o snow. And hot glue gun (with glue, so I guess that’s 5 things). So screw off the top on your mason jar and hot glue your trees to the inside of the cover. Let it dry. Pour your fake snow into the jar. Put the top back on. Flip it upside down and VOILA! Instant Christmas tree farm.


Holiday Moss Wreath

I’ll give you fair warning on this one, it gets messy! But it’s so worth it. You can use anything you want for the actual square wreath, I used foam core and cut it into the shape I wanted. Get a few bags of moss from the, um, moss aisle, and hot glue and hot glue and hot glue. It can be crumbly, so handle gently and make sure it gets pressed down and glued tight. Then add some ribbon and some fake berries and you have a jolly little wreath! I love the earthiness of it and how the colors vary in the moss. So what’s going up in your house for the holidays? Do share. Hope you have a very blessed Thanksgiving!

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