Hi. My name is Sharon, and I love home DIY projects. I’m the get-an-idea-and-run-with-it kind of DIYer, too. Sometimes it gets messy. But messy can be good and is always fun. From tackling a giant canvas to making my own art and obsessing over the layout of a bookcase to personalizing my dog’s food station area, you never know what I might dream up. I’ll share all the who, how, why’s and so on with you along the way. Let’s create together. Shall we?

Here’s a recent Before and After I can share with you. A simple one.

Replacing The Dated Chandelier In My Kitchen.


photo copy 3oldlightHow I did it.

1. Found this guy at West Elm for CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP. It was on clearance because it had no cord. Just the pendant.


2. Went to a local hardware store and bought a pendant light kit. Also on sale. BONUS. It was like $4 and some change.

3. I drove home.

4. Because I don’t like getting electrocuted, I turned the power off in the fuse box and carefully screwed off the ceiling plate and used my hot wire checker (from Home Depot) to make sure the wires were not, well, hot.

5. The wires were cold. But before I unscrewed them, I snapped a photo of the wire setup to make sure I did it right when rewiring.

6. Wires off. See ya later, chandelier. Bye bye, 80’s. I loved your bangs.

7. Wires reattached and safely secured with wire caps.

8. Lightbulb time. Trusty 60 watt did the trick.

9. Back to the fuse box I went..I believe I did whistle and flip my screwdriver in my hand all cocky like.

10. Eagerly ran back upstairs and flipped the switch and VOILA! INDUSTRIAL PENDANT LAMP IS ALIVE!



And quite cheery, I might add, in all its yellow-ness. Did you like my photo-bombing dog, Pepper, in that last shot? Cost me less than $20 to do the whole thing. And if you’re afraid of doing the wiring yourself, don’t be. I just youtubed it and found TONS of electricians showing you how it’s done. So go for it and bring your lighting to this decade. Have you done any lighting updates you can share? How’d it go?

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  1. sharonesprague - June 14, 2013

    Thanks! I’ve had a few zaps, so getting the hot wire tester was a good purchase and just a few bucks. Thanks for following my blog. :)

  2. Found This Painted That - June 13, 2013

    Cute! And taking a picture of the wires is brilliant! (So is turning off the power -electrocution – hate it when that happens)

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