Hi there! My name is Sharon Sprague and I live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with my camera-shy boyfriend and my three adorkable doggies — Pepper, Gracie, and Buddy. I started this blog because my friend Megan forced encouraged me to share my DIY projects and ideas. And then I started to really like it.


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This blog celebrates the creative spirit. I just like making things and sharing ideas. And the posts can vary from anything like how to make a quirky new coat rack entrance and how to take a Disney vacation to a fun list of movie homes that make us want to live there. It’s like a surprise party of content! It’s a blog that inspires, informs and, hopefully, entertains.

I grew up doing musical theater, riding my bike to the arcade/candy store, playing in tree forts my friends and I built and running my very own Sticker Club out of my 2nd floor play room.  I’ve always kept myself busy doing something — making it, performing it, you name it. When I went to college, I continued doing musicals and started working in radio as a copywriter. That job propelled me into a professional career of creating campaigns and concepts for great brands like Leap Frog, Universal Theme Parks and the Walt Disney Company.  I’ve also written sketch comedy at the Second City Chicago, show scripts and broadcast creative for theme park entertainment magazines and shows, and found the time to write a book about the time I was laid off, called, you got it,  Laid Off: The Best Thing I Could Have Never Asked For. Today, I run Ok Silly, Ink. where I sell my greeting card designs and illustrations.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about me, and more importantly, for stopping by House Confetti.