No Need To Adjust Your Screen.

No Need To Adjust Your Screen.

Time to debut my Halloween 2013 costume – 1950’s Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeer! Of course, in black and white like it was way back when. For a little nostalgia check out this clip shared by storyjan on YouTube.

It was one of my favorite DIY projects to date. I’ll tell you how I did it, but first, a little background. A couple years ago I went to Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World, and have been looking forward to going again ever since. Last time, I went dressed as the Queen of Hearts and it was so much fun being a character for the day at a Disney park. This year, I went back. mouse13

As a birthday gift to my friend, Mindy (the youngster belonging to my best friends, Penelope and Jimmy) I took her to the event and knew she’d be into wearing a costume, too. Check out her evil Darla from Finding Nemo costume below. Nailed it! “FISHY! WHY ARE YOU SLEEPING???” Mindy is a nut, in a good way, and that’s why we get along so well. You must check out her stuff on YouTube here.


A big thrill for us was watching people trying to 1. figure out my costume 2. remember which movie Mindy’s character was from. The people who got the “I just jumped out of a 1950’s Mickey Mouse Club Show,” were immediate fans. Some were just not sure. In fact, I got a kick out of one girl muttering, “Is she a dead Mouseketeer?” Ok, I can see that. But come on, that would be all kinds of wrong. And I assure you, there was NO doctoring to these photos. No Photoshop. No filter. Just point and shoot. In fact, since I couldn’t bring my awesome camera in with me, (would ruin the look of the costume, gasp!) I apologize that most of these pics are from my iPhone, but I think they turned out great. And I gotta give some credit to my friend, Jim Williams, we both helped each other with our costume ideas this year and he turned me on to the greyscale stuff and I just had to do it! Thanks, Jim!

Following the event, the popular blog, The Main Street Mouse, mentioned us on their Facebook fan page and by morning we were up to 900 likes and counting. That was fun!



Many of you have asked how I put this costume together. Above is a photo of all the tools I used to land this look!

What I used:

– Ben Nye cream in cadaver grey (get it at a theatrical makeup store, or online)

– Gray and white eyeshadow for eyes and contouring

– Foam sponges

– False wispy eye lashes

– Black mascara

– Eyelid primer and face moisturizer

– White eyeliner for highlighting

– Makeup spray sealer (I actually heard you can just use regular old hair spray for this, too)

– Grey contacts (ordered non-prescription ones online)

– Black eyeliner (for eyes and lips)

– Black eyeshadow (for eyebrows)

– Brushes (fluffy eyeshadow, powder setting, blush, eyeshadow crease brush)

– Ben Nye setting powder (no color)

A few things about my costume.

1. I really wanted to wear the traditional short-sleeve turtleneck sweater that they wore on the Mickey Mouse Club Show, but Florida and turtleneck sweaters don’t go together. Instead, I bought a white t-shirt and dyed it a light grey. Had to be light enough so that my skin still came off darker than my shirt. I think leaving it white would not have given it the greyscale tone I wanted to achieve. Just a little bit of grey made it that much cooler looking.

2. I bought iron-on letters for my shirt online.

3. You don’t see my feet in any of these pics, but I wore mary janes I bought off eBay and short white socks. And, of course, my legs were in greyscale, too.

4. You’ll also notice that I added a greyscale Mouseketeer logo to my Ears, as well as a grey bow that I made from ribbon. All the girls on the Mickey Mouse Club had bows on their Ears.


Here are some tips.

1. Moisturize your skin and prime your lids. You want this stuff to stay put!

2. Cream-based worked best for me. I tried some of the other cake stuff out there that you get wet first and then apply and that was a bust. Maybe it would work for you, but it did not for me. I just applied and applied with a foam sponge wedge until I got it all covered. I also took it with me in a purse for touch-ups.

3. The grey contacts were a must. I have hazel eyes and it just ruined the authenticity of the look. Perhaps I’m a perfectionist, but I think it made the costume that much better.

4. Set, set, set! Use setting powder to make the look stick and DO pick up some of the makeup setting spray (found at most places that sell theatrical makeup) and use it everywhere you put that cream. It works like a dream.

5. Shading is important. Think of all the hollows in your face. Under the cheekbones, corners of your eyes, along the sides of your nose. This will give you depth and not just one flat look. Believability is what we are going for here.

6. Highlighting is also important. Use white eye shadow to highlight your cheekbones, under your brow, along the bridge of your nose, under your nose and on your chin.

7. Make sure your eyeshadow is matte. Just looks better.

8. If you’re going for a sexy starlet look, really play up the eyes with your shadow. I was going for a more girl-next-door clean look, so I kept it basic.

9. A dot of white eyeliner in the inside corner of your eyes makes them stand out.

10. Use a stiff angled eyeshadow brush to get the black shadow into your eyebrows. Make sure no skin shows through.

11. Don’t forget the lashes. I got some cheapy Halloween wispy lashes. Nothing too fancy for this look.

12. Use black eyeliner for your lips. Then sweep a fluffy eyeshadow brush into some of your gray shadow and place it in the center of your lips. Gives you a little highlight there.

13. Get a wig. In my test run, I tried styling my hair and spraying it black, but it was a big hot mess. I say go for the wig. And get a wig cap, too. Helps to keep all your hair in place.

14. Last tip, (which I mentioned above) do a test run. I actually did two of them. Practicing with the makeup and making sure I got the look I wanted. Practice makes perfect-ish. :) And take pics of yourself in inside light and natural light to make sure you like what you see.

And for a fun look at how it really all came together. Check out the time lapse video my bestie, Jimmy Strater, put together. Used his camera, too. I have great friends, don’t I?

Of all my years doing Halloween costumes, this was definitely my favorite. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to debut a Disney-themed costume at a Disney park. Check out how I got photobombed, twice!


We hit all the rides we wanted to hit, including the must-do, Haunted Mansion. Loved watching the Boo To You parade, the Happy HalloWishes Fireworks show, the Villains stage show, the Monster’s Inc dance party, and resting our feet on several cycles of the People Mover in Tomorrowland.

And I can’t forget to include this wonderfully weird photo from Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin.


Ok, let me hear about your costume this year? Or did you see any that blew your mind? As always, I’d love to hear all about it. Hope you’ve enjoyed all the Halloween posts this year. Looking forward to Halloween 2014, yes, already. Hmmm, what should I be? See you real soon!

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