Bathroom Goes From Yuck to Yowza!

Bathroom Goes From Yuck to Yowza!

We actually did this small bathroom remodel a bit ago, ok like last year or longer, but I never did share the remodeling pics with you guys. I’d love to say that we did all the work in this small bathroom, but, ha. We did not. We found a great contractor and a Groupon and for less than 10K, we got this gorgeous new bathroom. Home improvement win. I did, however, pick everything out and decorate it. So there’s that.

Small Bathroom Makeover

So, the makeover. How about we go back to the beginning. Here’s what this small bathroom looked like when I moved in. It hadn’t been updated since at least the 70’s? The ripped up wall is the result of taking down the ginormous mirror that was using up way too much real estate and reflected way too much when you jumped out of the shower. Yeah, no thanks.

bathroom remodel

The following photo is a photocopy from the realtor’s packet, so excuse its grainy grossness.

bathroom remodel

bathroom remodel

We wished it could have been expanded, but the postage stamp of square footage is what it is. But we’re in love with it. It’s our little mini spa. The artwork on the right is something I made — wood blocks from the art store, minty paint, black paint for the art and some sandpaper to shabby chic it up.


I love adding personality where I can. Like the little mini rubber duckies in a jar. And the framed restroom sign I got from Home Depot.

Restroom Redo


The shower itself turned out so pretty. Kept it cheap with some simple and clean subway tile and then added some color and design with an inset of glass tiles. The bathroom decor, paint and the tiles all tied together.


There was an old crusty window that vented open, and I just wasn’t a fan. We decided to fill the space with lots of light and these glass blocks do just that. There wasn’t a fan in the original bathroom, so we added one and no longer needed to have a window to open.


The mirror medicine chest, sink and toilet are all from Home Depot and were the perfect size for this space.



And that’s our little bathroom. Definite home improvement. The minty walls really make it feel fresh and clean, especially when the light pours in every morning. Have you made over a small space recently? It’s fun to come up with big ideas, no matter how small your space may be. So, go big!

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  1. LeanneJ - July 14, 2014

    I love it. Especially love the simple but cool towel hooks. Those are great!

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