Bleep Blorp Blop Bloop (Get Your Felt On)

Bleep Blorp Blop Bloop (Get Your Felt On)

Hi, my name is Sharon and I love felt. Seriously, I think it may be a bit of an obsession. When I spy something made of felt, it can be anything, I get a little happy inside. Felt flag banners. Felt coin purses. Felt totes. Felt anything. I want a house made of felt. Ok, maybe too much. But I’ll take a house FULL of felt! Think of the projects! Oh, the glorious felt projects! Anyway, so we know I like felt a little bit. I also like robots. They’ve always made me smile. I remember circling one in the Sears Wishbook many many times. A giant one almost taller than me at the time. Never did get him, but I did get this one under the tree one year and I LOVED him.

dingbotHe was my silly 5-inch tall buddy. Who may or may not have met his demise when he met the top edge of our staircase. Aw, I miss my Dingbot.

To summarize. I like felt. I like robots. So, during a recent Target window-shopping trip, I found this in The One Spot, for, yes, $1!!! A robot bag made out of felt. Yes, you read that right. A ROBOT bag made of FELT. Can you hear the choir angels sing?


That beautiful U smile. Those welcoming arms. His big red head bolts. And all that felt! Love. At. First. Sight. This was me after my glorious find.

targetladyI exuberantly gave the Target cashier my $1 plus tax and took my new friend home. He was going to be part of a future project I had yet thunk up. Until now. I thought about cutting out the front panel and framing Ralph (yes, I named him Ralph the Robot). But I really thought it’d be fun to make him a cuddly chair friend. I dug out a small pillow I had (another $1 find from Target) and the crafting craziness begun. To create about an inch of border around him, (love that color blue, by the way) I took out some sharp scissors and eyeballed my cut. You’ll see as we go on, that I wanted to keep this a little rough around the edges to match the simpleness of his construction. Makes it that much more whimsical.

robot-trimmingOk, he’s cut out and ready to get all up on that pillow. And not in a weird I’m-a-dog-and-I-REALLY-love-this-pillow way. Ralph the Robot would NEVER!

beforestitchesI found the perfect red in my sewing box. Well, it was the only red I had (not a big sewer) and thankfully it was a perfect match.

robot-threadSo as far as the stitching goes, (remember, rough and whimsical) you can see I made nice big wide stitches by hand and kept them very not-so-perfect. I think it’s very roboty.

robot_stitchingOnce all four sides were stitched in, I hid the final knot under the felt and there we have a cute little felt robot pillow friend.

robot_stitchedAnd here is Ralph happy as heck in his new home.

robot_lastpicThat, my friends, is a $2 project (not counting the price of my thread and needle). One plain pillow made into a fantastic felt piece of awesome. Anyone else share my obsession with felt? Or robots? Share all your crafty fun with us, won’t you? Bleep blorp bloop!



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