DIY Chicken Wire Clipboard

DIY Chicken Wire Clipboard

I’ve been looking for just the right bulletin board/chicken wire piece to hold all of my inspiration clippings from magazines. Particularly, fun lettering I see that I want to reference later. Everything I found was either too small, too big, too square, too cheaply made or waaaayyyy too expensive. Seriously, I found something I liked last night, but it was $49.99. Eeesh! So, while I was wandering the aisles at Michael’s, I came across the clearance section and this beautiful wood frame was screaming, “Pick me! Pick me!” I flipped it over and it was $50 marked down to $12 because some of the teeth that hold the framed backing had come loose. Well, with what I had in mind, I didn’t even need that part. So, I envisioned this board getting shabby-chic’d up with some white paint and beautifully featuring some simple chicken wire (Menards was next door) with a host of cute little clothespins to hold all my fun inspirational clippings. The project was on.

THETOOLSFirst thing to do was paint the frame. I used an acrylic white paint from Folk Art and applied it sparingly. My tip to you is to dip it lightly into the paint, take some of that off with a rag and just sweep it across going with the grain. If you want that worn out farmhouse look, this is the way to do it.



Now once the paint has dried, which is just a few minutes in this case, flip it over and start sizing up how much wire you need. What I did was staple it down and cover more area than I needed. Then, just snip off the excess.



Once you’re done doing that, you should have something that pretty much looks like this!


Now, flip your fun piece over and you have this.


Time for some clothespins!



READYTOHANG2That’s it! So simple and so much cheaper than what they gouge you for in the stores. I had the paint and the staple gun with staples, so all I had to buy was the frame ($12), the mini clothespins ($2 with coupon) and the wire ($3.99). Total before tax was $17.99 and I got exactly what I wanted!

Now for the beauty shots!












And that’s it! This is super simple and I hope you’re not too CHICKEN to try it yourself. Hee hee. Happy pinning!


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