DIY Christmas: Turn Tomato Cages Into Twinkly Trees

DIY Christmas: Turn Tomato Cages Into Twinkly Trees

Welcome to my little holiday tree farm! The tomato cage tree project is nothing new to the crafting world. I’ve seen it done so many different ways and instead of looking up how others have done it, I just winged it and came up with my own look. The only objective I had, was to make it blend in with the landscape and not look like we just plopped down some Christmas decorations outside. So we start with the cages!


These were so cheap I felt like I was stealing them. But I didn’t. I paid cold hard cash for these guys — like $2 each! Isn’t that nuts? So I picked up 10 of these guys, (from my local nursery) which I thought would be a good number to create a random scattered look. What’s left to get? The lights, of course!


boxesoflightsAgain I got a great deal. I picked these up at Michael’s during their Black Friday Weekend sale and used a coupon. So with buy one get one, I got all of these for about $10! Nuts, right? That is a grand total of $30, if you’re following along. Have you seen what some of those illuminated yard decorations go for in the store? Yeah, I’ll take 10 trees for $30, thank you.

pinchingtopsTo get the tree look, all it takes is one hand to pinch and the other to twist the wire around. It’s so simple, you guys.

Tomato Cages

Here are all the cages pinched and wrapped. Uh-oh. Notice one missing? Well, as I was snipping the sticky tags off the last set of lights, I accidentally snipped the wire too! Eesh! So, either I get some more lights or I use this guy for something else. I did the latter.


A little bit of garland. A discarded pot sitting in the garage. Some silk flowers from an arrangement in the house and I now have a cute little porch tree to welcome holiday visitors. Now that’s winging it!



As for placement, like I said, I wanted it to seem varied and random and part of the landscape. So I just started placing and stepping back and repeating that a few times. After a few adjustments, this is where I landed.


Outdoor Holiday Trees

With all the decorations on the block, I really think our house stands out. It’s just so pretty and so organic looking. It looks like I spent a lot and, you and I both know, I did not. Tomato cages FTW!

How about a little Christmas bonus? I thought I’d share what I did with my mantle this year.




I made the three trees you see in the middle. Three styrofoam cones, moss sheets and red berries (all from Michael’s). I’ve had those block letters for a couple of decades now and the decorative tree on the right with an elf scaling its limbs? That was my Grandmother’s. When you twist it, it plays Silent Night. She always had it on top of her giant console TV at Christmas time and I loved it. I cherish it and it makes me smile every time I unwrap it in December. I sure hope all of you are having a blast decorating for the holidays. No matter how you celebrate this time of year. What are your traditions? Any family heirlooms you’re bringing out, too? I wish you all the happiness and cheer this season brings. Happy Holidays!



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  1. Teresa - December 5, 2013

    Wow… epic fail for the day. I just posted a comment to the wrong thread. so sorry! lol—let me try this again.
    This is such a fun idea I have thought about it for 2 days I am going to do 3 of them for our house this year. May I ask how you have them connected to a power source? Are the trees connected together? I have been thinking through how to wrap 3 of them to be connected together but would love to know what you did to avoid having to rewrap any of them!

    • Sharon - December 5, 2013

      No problem!!! Here’s what I wrote :)….So glad you’re giving it a go! Yes you can plug up to five together and then I just hid the lights that stretched between them. I have the front ones connected to one power source, the side ones are split into two power sources. Did that so I could space them out as I wanted. Let me know how it turns out! Pictures!!!

  2. Samantha - December 3, 2013

    What an awesome idea! I love it!

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