Dog-Gone Fun With Cork Letters

Dog-Gone Fun With Cork Letters

Leave it to Michael’s (not affiliated at all by the way) to have something I couldn’t live without. I found these cork letters in their really cheap under $5 bin and had to have them. With my 40% off coupon burning a hole in my pocket, it was a no-brainer. Did I know what I was going to do with them? Oh HECK no. But would I? Of course!



And the answer came to me as I was putting new food in my dog’s storage containers. Recently, I had to switch food for Gracie (the silly border collie) and that meant I went from one food storage container to two food storage containers. Since their food look’s so similar, I had to label them. (TRUMPET SOUNDS) In come the cork letters.  A simple P for Pepper and G for Gracie and there you have it.


Yes, Gracie, that one is yours. Anyway, just a little double stick tape action (hot glue gun would work, too) and a 20 second project is complete. I had some chalkboard stickers hanging around and I put them on the glass part, just for fun. It was a stick-stuff-on-stuff kinda day.




Now what to do with the other 29 letters. I’ll keep you updated! Are you doing anything fun with cork? Do tell!

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