Eeeek! 13 Spooktacular Halloween Ideas Using HomeGoods Stuff

Eeeek! 13 Spooktacular Halloween Ideas Using HomeGoods Stuff


I loves me some Halloween, as you can see from my getup when I celebrated the holiday with my friends a couple of years ago. Fall is in the air, people! Mums are sitting pretty outside supermarket automatic doors. Local nurseries are setting up their fall attractions. Pumpkin lattes are on menus. And Halloween decorations and costumes are in the aisles and have been there since August it seems. And you know what? I’m OK with that! September is just pre-October to me. So, this will be one of a few Halloween posts I’m sure. I definitely need to share how last year I turned my ordinary office into a Witches Broom Repair Shoppe. Yes, I’m obsessed people. Before I continue to my list of 13 Spooktacular Halloween Ideas Using HomeGoods Stuff, I must be clear that this post is not affiliated with, not sponsored by and not even an idea from anyone at HomeGoods. Just little ‘ol me.

Let’s sink our teeth in, shall we? I get a lot of ideas from just browsing the fantastic shelves in HomeGoods. And while I was there earlier this week, I was so excited by their display of unique Halloween decor. This is just a sample from one aisle. It’s just fun jeepers creepers stuff you won’t find at the big stores or the pop-up Halloween shops.



Sure, there’s ton of ghoulish goodness here to purchase and throw into your Halloween design this year, (I definitely have some I want) but as I was walking around HG, I had my usual thought, “Ooh, you know what you could do with that?” and “Oh, what if you used this for….?” (Yes, that’s me talking to myself. I’m OK with you knowing that.) I love to find items you’d use for one thing and repurpose it for something entirely different and awesome. So, here is my not-affiliated-at-all-with-HomeGoods…

13 Spooktacular Halloween Ideas Using HomeGoods Stuff


THE IDEA: You’ve seen those plasticy door wraps you can get in the Halloween aisle, right? And at the end of the season, you end up throwing it out cause it gets all stuck together and the tape was hard to take off, and so on. Well, I think this would be such a neat look. And quite the entry decoration. You can find fabric tablecloths like this one (for under $5!) with fun designs and use it on your door. Make it a nice crisp and custom look. Then when Halloween is done, you can throw it in the washer, fold it up for next year and spook away year after year. Knock! Knock! BOO!




THE IDEA: This has ENDLESS possibilities. See that cork at the top of the glass part? That’s where you pull off the business stuff and you can store all kinds of crazy creepiness inside. You can get bags of spiders or eye balls or tiny skulls or little rats or fake guts. OMIGOSH, how fun is this? Then, at the end of Halloween, just segue into Thanksgiving and change it up with some leaves or acorns or little squash and then there’s December!! How pretty it’d be with a bunch of tiny sparkly glass ornaments. Alright, getting ahead of myself. This would be a piece of decor that keeps on giving.



THE IDEA: Ok, this is fit for framing, my friends. Take any frames you like and pop these guys in and place them around for fun surprises in your home. Entryway. Mantle. Bathroom counter. Porch table. Put some candles nearby and make the lighting creepify the look even more. You could always put these under glass in one of those coffee table trays or under glass on a desk. And the rest of the napkins? Save them for that awesome party you’re going to throw on Halloween and invite me to.



THE IDEA: How easy is this? Black spray paint and done! The fact that this is kind of pretty and delicate will make it that much more eerie when it’s black and dead looking. (insert evil laugh) Hang it on your door. Put it on a wreath stand on your front porch. Trust me, your guests will be totally freaked out. You’re welcome. (This was on clearance for $10, not too shabby for a wreath already done and ready to go)




THE IDEA: This one will take a little bit of time, but it’s worth it. I say pick up a few of these placemats (can’t remember the exact price, but they were pretty darn cheap) and get out your scissors. These are made from felt, so it’ll be a breeze to cut through. Now, carefully cut out each pumpkin and then string them on some thin sisal rope or try fishing line to give it that suspended-in-mid-air look. I think these would look awesome strung across a front porch railing or on your mantle, or make mini ones and put them across frames on your wall. Have fun with it. There is no wrong placement with these placemat little devils.




THE IDEA: I so want to get a creepy real-looking hairy spider and create a little home for him here. You could get a fake rat, a fake crow, any fake creature you want. I do think it should be fake. :) I just think the fact you can’t touch it makes it that much more icky. Make sure you make its surroundings cool, too. Get some gnarled branches or moss and do it up. I see mine hanging out on the coffee table. A real coffee table. Not a fake coffee table. Cause that’s just silly.



THE IDEA: I spotted this and saw spider web. So all I’d do with this one is fill it up with spiders, like overflowing with spiders, and stick some between the stringy parts and then place some around the base of it, too. An entryway table would be a cool spot for this guy. Make sure your pets and kids can’t get to the spiders. Choking hazard and it will also just ruin your decoration! But mostly the choking part.



THE IDEA: OK, bring out the black spray paint again and go get yourself a fake crow. You’re going to spray this guy black, and use some hot glue to put your freaky little crow on top. I say get two of them and flank your fireplace with it or end tables. Creepy branchy crow home, it is.



THE IDEA: I picture lining this with either a plastic planter liner or maybe just some bowls that are just the right size and then using this to hold my candy for giving out. Of course I’m going to paint it black and maybe get some spider web action on it. Get three different kinds of treats and sort them out for each bin. I like to sit on my porch and give out candy during the Halloween rush, so how fun would this be out there? OR, you could put it on your porch or entryway and fill each section with creepy stuff. Skulls. Rodents. Bones. Again, all fake. OK?



THE IDEA: This is just begging to be a Halloween centerpiece. And you’ve got to spookify it. Darken the bronze color with, oh, maybe some black spray paint (if you have any left over) String some spider web to make it look like its been there for centuries. Black candles. Oh yeah. I love it. You could do the bleeding candle idea here, too. Get white and red candles, and drip the red candle wax over the top of the white ones and watch it drip down and make it appear that the white candles are bleeding out. OH YEAH!




THE IDEA: These look so sweet in a bedroom or bathroom (if you have the room), but when Halloween arrives, I say it’s off with its head. Oh, look at that! It’s already off. Dress it up with an old thrift store ragged outfit and place it near your front door as your headless Halloween greeter. A pumpkin head on the floor by its feet could freak people out. Which is what we’re going for here.



THE IDEA: Get some chalk and come up with a fun greeting to put up for trick-or-treaters and place this at the end of your walk leading to your door or just leave it outside your door. The point is, you can leave a Happy Halloween hello, direct ghouls and goblins to your door for treats or write a warning for all the spooks that are coming their way. All signs point to yes on this one.




THE IDEA: Alright, you could leave this as it is and bring it out for Halloween cause it’s very Halloweeny. You could leave this as it is and leave it out all year because it’s just that cool. OR, you could place some googly eyes strategically throughout the design (craft stores have these by the handful). I say get really really tiny ones and put them in places where the swirls come out, they will turn these designs into creatures watching your every move. Or maybe some glow-in-the-dark paint to highlight certain areas? Get creative with this, it’s just begging for it. I’d love to see this in an entryway by the catch-all table.

And that’s that. My list of 13 Spooktacular Halloween Ideas Using HomeGoods Stuff. I have to tell you, when I looked around Home Goods and started snapping pics, I had no idea that I actually ended up with 13 of them. Such a great this-time-of-year number. Love how things work out like that. Hope you try some of these out and if you do, please share the pics. Tell me what you’re going to do this year. Got any big decorating plans in the works? Been window shopping, too and DYING to buy something new? What is it? I get ideas from all kinds of stores and places, so I’ll definitely share more posts like this in the future. Have a great rest of September and remember, Halloween is right around the corner. Time to get spooky.

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  2. Megan Poletti - September 17, 2013

    These are GREAT ideas, and your descriptions of them had me laughing out loud. I can just feel your excitement for Halloween oozing out of every idea. I kept imagining the idea starting off calm and then you getting more excited and reading it faster and louder as the paragraph continued. LOL. This is a great post. I just got a couple Halloween decorations at HomeGoods myself, I plan on making a super cool mantle display and posting it on my blog when it’s out :)

  3. Nikki - September 16, 2013

    Great ideas! Thanks for sharing. Love the off with its head idea. It would be cool if it could wear like a wedding dress. Ooh headless bride! Or like Mari Antoinette (sp?) if u just have a dress like that lying around. Neat ideas!!!

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