CANVAS_FEATURED1About 5 years ago, I painted the huge 5′ x 4′ canvas below. It was a kaliedescope of colors inspired by trail walks with my doggie, Pepper. I didn’t have Gracie (the great) yet. Well, my decor tastes have evolved (sometimes daily), and this particular canvas just wasn’t working anymore. I took some photographs to remember how it once looked and whipped out the paint roller.BEFORELeft over Benjamin Moore flat finish (from who knows what project) was going to make my canvas all new and vacant again.

canvas8After two good coats (a drying time of an hour between coats), I had this.canvas1So, honestly, going into this, I had NO idea what I was going to paint. And I kind of loved that. Well, I knew I wanted something airy and beachy. And I knew what colors I wanted to play with, and you’ll see those acrylics from Michael’s, below.canvas9I grabbed all the brushes I had and chatted with my friend, Megan, for some inspiration. The idea of confetti came to mind. NOTE: canvas came before name of this site :) Considered some 3-D art like actual confetti on the canvas. But I had no confetti and wanted to paint NOW. Patience is not my virtue. So I decided to do an abstract of confetti. My own interpretation of it. Something I termed, “Ocean Confetti.”canvas10I didn’t really like the effect the bristles on the brushes were making. I wanted something a bit more exact. So I flipped them over! Tiny little dots here and there and everywhere.canvas11Then another idea struck! If I put dots of random paint down and then roll over them, it will repeat that. So I carefully rolled over it once and then rolled over to another area and so on. I was in I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-doing heaven. Plus, look how cute my roller ended up looking! That’s some art right there!     canvas6So remember I wanted light and airy, right? The way to achieve that was to layer. So I’d do dots of my blues and then do a thin later of white over that. And I’d repeat that over and over again until I got a look I was feeling good about. It was a lot of crouching and then standing back. Crouching. Dotting. Rolling. Standing back. Repeat.canvas16

canvas15I’m a layering fiend!

canvas18And here’s how it looked! Notice one big difference? I flipped it! I did plan on leaving it at landscape, but when I put it on the wall, I wanted to see what it would look like going a different direction. And I liked it! I do plan on replacing the current table with a wide credenza so it feels more balanced. But for now, I’m loving the look. By the way, that little temperature gauge/compass thing on the table is something passed down to me when my grandfather died. I think it’s a fun piece for this room and a nice contrast to the whites and aquas.

canvas3The dalmatian figurine came from my pet sitter, Christine. Not only does she love on my dogs like you’d want a pet sitter to do, but she gives me gifts, too! She’s a keeper. And since the last piece of art was a memory of my walks with Pepper, this is a whimsical way to bring her back into the picture. wink.

canvas20And that’s my repainted painted canvas — Ocean Confetti! I kinda love it. Ever had a whim to just paint something? What’d you do? Do share, won’t you?

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