You guys are the best. I love getting comments and questions from you about my blog or the projects I’ve taken on, so I thought I’d add this section to share some of what’s come across my desk.

Is there a story behind the name of your blog?

I don’t know if it’s a story so much, but I wanted to do a blog that celebrated the ideas that help make your home a statement of who you are. So, when thinking about the idea of it being a celebration, the word “confetti” came to mind. And who doesn’t love confetti? It’s an instant smile maker. It’s colorful and lively and it means a party is just around the corner. That’s how I like to think about this blog — a DIY party and you’re invited! I even have a board on Pinterest all about confetti, that’s how much I’m a fan of it!


Where did you get the foamy sea creatures in the “Fish Tale Comes True For One Cute Kiddo” post?

I got these from Michael’s but I think they’re a seasonal thing, since I went back there not that long ago and they were nowhere to be found. Doesn’t hurt to check, though. They’re called Text-Ur Foam, so maybe you can find them in another store or there’s always Google.

Are you on Bloglovin?

Oh, yes! It’s a great way to follow your favorite blogs. I love it for the ones I love to read daily. Just go to and search for this blog: houseconfetti. See you there!

workstationHere’s where the DIY magic happens.

A small little desk looking out the backyard. Lucky Charms are often part of the process. (not endorsed by Lucky Charms, but wouldn’t that be cool?)