What a whirlwind of a couple weeks. So many inspiring and exciting things are happening. As you may have read here, I’ve been working on helping my cousin makeover her 2-year old son’s room — FISH THEME.

That’s Evan and that sweet little smile melts my heart into a puddle every time I see him. So, doing his room is an absolute treat for me. I can’t wait to show you all the before and afters. His mom and I did our initial brainstorm and shopping day a couple weeks ago. Since then I’ve been crafting special pieces and scouring thrift stores for unique finds. She’s been busy painting…something. You’ll see soon enough. The plan is to pull it all together this weekend when we do our install. Stay tuned for that.

Continuing on that inspiring trend, you also may have noticed something different around here — the new design for HouseConfetti.com!!! :)

I got mega inspired recently, when I came across the work of the good folks at angiemakes.com. A new theme. A new way to navigate. And a new host so I can have complete control of how I want this site to greet you. You’ll see some fun new additions here, including the festive new logo, an easy to navigate Project Gallery, a friendly menu and a sidebar with lots of goodies. Hope you love the new look as much as I do. I’ll be tweaking here and there, (like making the captions on the Project Gallery pop a little more) but the main look and feel is here and ready for you to love on it. So love away.

We’re feeling inspired, right? Let’s keep that going. I love scoping out other spaces and projects that people put together. I have a fun collection of interior and exterior spaces over at my Pinterest page, and I certainly hope you’ll poke around there and find something that inspires you. I’ve decided to share some photos with you that I’ve stashed away in a sort of “A Girl Can Dream” folder on my desktop. They were images I’ve grabbed here and there, so I’m sorry there is no link to it’s original owner. So to all of you that have created the following spaces, bravo! You’ve officially made me jealous! So, without further ado.



Spaces That Make Me Squeal

by Sharon Sprague


Isn’t it great to be inspired? So many creative ideas, so little time to do them all. Because you know that list gets long. What inspires you lately? What’s on your to-do list? And what’s on YOUR Pinterest page, cause I wanna see.

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