ImageThere’s a store that’s very dangerous. Cruel. Tempting. Evil to me (to me wallet, that is).  And full of gotta-haves I do not gotta-have.

Actually, I can name a lot of stores like this. (sigh) But where would a home decor addict be without such a store. It’s something I never want to know. Today, that store is – World Market. Darn you with your aisles and shelves full of unique tchotchke’s and prettiness. I shake my fist at you…lovingly, of course.

Recently I came across these guys, ($1.99) and just stared at them with wonder and delight.

ImageI knew I liked them. Itty bitty chalkboards on a stick. Yes, please come to my house. But to do what with, who knew? I knew I’d find a home for them. I couldn’t resist. Chalk. Good. Miniature sign. Good. On a stick. Good. I thought a good even 4 should do it. Really no rhyme or reason to it, just thought it was a nice round number at the time.

At home, the lightbulb moment hit and I created the…

Happy Kitchen Hello Bouquet

Supplies needed:

• Chalk board signs

• Chalk

• Glue gun

• Place to display

Step 1: Hot glue gun away. Find an arrangement you like and carefully dot a small dot of glue on the back corner of each and place it like so.

ImageStep 2: Grab some chalk (not included with the signs, so get yourself some) and brainstorm some fun phrases to greet family members and guests. The best part of this is that you can change it up. For every day. For every season. For every holiday. For every celebration. The possibilities are endless!!!!!!!!!!!! (insert echo effect here)

ImageStep 3: DISPLAY! I had these pretty bottles I’ve been collecting and wanting to show off, so I just put them in a fun little cluster, set my sign in and stored the chalk in one of the bottles for easy on-the-go editing. I did have to cut down the sticks a bit to make the arrangement sit correctly. You may have to do that, too, depending on which arrangement you end up loving.

ImageStep 4: Here’s the part I haven’t done yet, so I’ll send an update later on. I want to fill the bottom of each bottle with something. Something kitchen-y. Coffee beans? Yum. Popcorn kernels? Maybe. I’m kinda liking the idea of baking sprinkles. So colorful and festive. We’ll see. For now, I like how this guy looks! And who doesn’t like to hear that they are nice?

ImageSo what about you? Have you come across something you had to have but didn’t quite know what you’d do with it until you got home? If so, what’d you do? Love to hear about it. And, has anyone told you just how nice you are? ;)

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  2. jojor2012 - June 22, 2013

    This is a really great DIY. I love it! I really want to try making things using chalkboards. I’ve seen lots of people buy chalkboard paint and have walls covered in the stuff or doors and I think it’s super cute. It’s co nostalgic! Reminds me of old school class rooms! XXX

  3. jessthetics - June 16, 2013

    I really love this sign arrangement, it’s so cute! xx


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