Happy Space, Happy Face.

Happy Space, Happy Face.

A cottage. An igloo. A witch’s broomstick repair shoppe. A theme park story-filled experience. A “webbed” site. These are just a few concepts I’ve introduced into my office work space over the years. Why? 1. I love to make things. 2. I love working in creative spaces. 3. It spreads smiles.

Creating a space that is conducive to productivity can do wonders not just for you, but for those around you. Even if some people can’t figure out why you’d come in on a Sunday and spend four hours erecting a Witch’s Broom Shoppe in your cube. With all the hours we spend in our offices, it only makes sense to make it your own. Whatever that may be. 

5 Reasons To Get Creative At Work

Shows commitment. If you like where you work, personalizing your office is a big flashy sign that reads, “This place makes me happy!”

Inspires others. It gives other people creative license to go for it themselves. Whether it’s putting up a family photo they love or building out an 18th century pirate ship – it could happen. 

Promotes smiling. Whether they think it’s silly or awesome, you’re gonna get a smile out of people and that is a win!

Boosts productivity. We all want to spend time in places we love. As kids it was our bedroom, the fort, or the playground. Make it a place you love and you’ll more than likely get more out of it. 

One more reason I want to throw in there — it’s fun! What happened to just having fun? Work can be fun. Sure there are spreadsheets and graphs and endless emails, so why not try to enjoy it and say bye-bye to beige. 

Now to the how. This part is where you get to really express yourself. Inspiration can come from anywhere. Whether it’s a theme that the office already put into place, like Christmas or Halloween, or something you just love to pieces. Here are just a few fun things to consider as you explore your creative options.

Do you have a favorite travel destination?
Love Italy? Adore the Caribbean? Live for the mountains? So many fun elements you can bring into your space to recreate the place that lights you up. Explore colors and textures and even smells.

Do you collect special things?
If so, you could put them on display and maybe even consider how you display them the really fun part. If you collect postage stamps, what if you made your office look like a post office or a giant envelope…sky is the limit!

Are you into gardening?
Use your space to show off your green thumb. Create your own little greenhouse of pretty delights!

What would be your ideal office location? 
I have a dream of creating my own little cottage studio behind my future lake home. A nice little place I can stroll down to in the morning with my fresh cup of coffee. Stepping over dew-covered cobblestone and passing gardens of flowers as the morning sun comes up. My desk would face the window that overlooks the lake and it would be comfy and cozy and full of my favorite things. Very shabby chic. I don’t have the studio now, but I did bring a part of it into my work space once. Creating my own little comfy corner for creativity.

Fence and bead board from Home Depot. Signs made by moi.

Blue sky and grass made with craft supplies from Blik.


I dressed up my monitor with balsa wood pieces from Michael’s. And you have a little birdhouse.


A writer works here. Plaque from Michaels, pencil I had and I painted the board with various acrylic paints and roughed the piece up with a hammer and a heavy chain.

Just some pretty artworkI made for my cottage walls.


For Halloween one year, I really wanted to do something big. I was going to be the Wicked Witch of the West and wanted to stick with the witch theme.

And what do witch’s use? Brooms! So, I decided to make a Witch’s Broom Repair Shoppe.


It’s a busy shoppe. Lots of orders from some pretty famous clients.

You wouldn’t believe what it takes for a simple broom tune-up.



Whether you just spruce it up with some family photos or your favorite flowers, or go all out and turn your space into something that doesn’t resemble its old form whatsoever, just go for it! The point is to make it your own. Put your personality in your space. You’ll be amazed at how much joy it can bring and just may inspire new ideas that your boss will thank you for…and then you can thank me.

I’ll share one other makeover I did a few years back. The Disney theme parks played a big part in my childhood and in my professional career. In fact, my time with Disney is where I believe I honed my creative skills and I’m so very grateful for that opportunity. So, I wanted to inject some magical moments into my office space, so I recreated some special Disney movie scenes and theme park memories.

Cinderella’s castle? My computer monitor? Who can tell? But I believe I see a Cinderella looking over her Kingdom.


Right this way to the Laugh Factory. Sulley and Mike welcome you.


Cardboard mailbox from Michael’s and a little paint. Now I just need mail!


Look UP — 232 multi-colored push pins make for one awesome house-lifter-upper. How about the full tour? Just watch the short video below.

Have fun exploring ideas. Is there a space you’ve already transformed and can’t wait to share it? Then send away. Would love to see what you’ve done with the place.

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