closeupsitWelcome to our home. Take a load off, won’t you? I bought this gray bench from Ikea with every intention to keep it gray. But when I had the idea to put it by the entryway as a place to sit to put on and take off shoes, the gray wasn’t going to cut it. It would just blend in with the walls. That would be one said gray-tastrophe. Cue the sad trombone. Well nothing a little paint couldn’t fix. Oh, but just a plain old white bench? Who? Me? It’s gotta be a statement. And in this case, it is literally a statement.


This was pretty simple. Vinyl letter stickers. White spray paint. Black acrylic paint. Bench. That’s really it. Oh, and a finishing poly spray.

Welcome Bench

Step 1. I affixed the stickers where I wanted the word “Sit” to be on the bench. Made sure they were on nice and tight.

Step 2. Spray painted the bench white. (Rustoleum White – Gloss)

Step 3. Removed stickers – carefully. Used a safety pin to pry it off. It reminded me of playing that head-sweating Operation game when I was a kid. That game gave me high blood pressure! When I was removing these stickers, my non-surgical hand grasped the other hand by the wrist to keep it steady. You so know what I’m talking about! Whew….it was a success.

Step 4. Let it dry overnight

Step 5. Filled in the letters with black acrylic paint. Another Operation-like procedure. (If you’re wondering why I didn’t just let the gray show through, I thought about it, but it didn’t look so hot. Just didn’t pop off enough.)

Step 6. Let the rest dry and then poly’d to seal it all in.

24 hours later I put the baby back in its reserved spot. Added a fun Target pillow to pull from the colors in the vases above. And then put a catch-all wicker basket (which is totally my boyfriend’s bag dump spot and no longer the floor in the kitchen) :)bench2And that’s my Welcome Bench. I just think it’s a nice smile to the entry. Stay tuned for what’s going to go up on those striped walls. I’m working on that project this week. What have you done to add personality to something in your home? Oh, and did you dislike the game Operation as much as I did? BUZZ!!!! Ugh.

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