oldmantleYeah, you! The tired old front room that needs love! You’re up! When I first moved into this home 2 years ago, I had big plans for the front room of this house. One of the first things on the to-do list was to get rid of the old carpet and let the beautiful oak floors breathe. This is the only before picture I have of the room, the day all the icky carpet met the trash can. Even Winnie the Pooh was exhausted! On the to-do list?

Lighten Things Up!

  1. Paint walls Benjamin Moore Platinum Gray
  2. Fresh white on the ceilings
  3. Paint fireplace white
  4. Refinish floors
  5. Get new mantle
  6. Get a big mirror for the mantle
  7. Matching bookcases to bookend the fireplace
  8. New furniture
  9. Window treatments
  10. Upgrade and replace outlets and plates
  11. Rug

So here’s the admission part. A whole bunch of this I didn’t DIY. I know! I know! Hey, my boyfriend and I did rip out all the carpeting and about a gazillion nails, so give me that! I wasn’t brave enough to do the floors myself, mostly because we had some areas that needed wood replaced and it was a hot mess of stains and irregularities. So, we brought someone in over one weekend, while we went to a cabin and hung with the dogs. And some funny looking alpacas. I know, rough, huh? They did the floors THROUGHOUT the home — front room, foyer, stairs, hallway, three bedrooms, kitchen, and back hallway and stairs. Then we brought in some painters to do the giraffe-sized walls, sky-high ceiling and trim. What we had was a really nice clean slate. Ahhhh. Or a great dance hall! I was so tempted to bring out the old tap shoes, but I resisted.

Before bringing in all the stuff…..
Here’s the after!upaboveshot

Here’s what I did do myself!

• Resized and rehemmed curtains from Ikea – love no-stitch tape!

• Stained the mantle I had a carpenter make for me based on a simple design I wanted.

• Removed all old outlets (5) and replaced with upgraded outlets and new face plates. That’s right!

• Makeover of large mirror from Home Goods.

The Mirror. I bought this mirror from Home Goods. I found a before picture of it online to share with you. The size was perfect and I liked the slats of wood and their pattern. It just needed some paint love.

Mirror, before…


mantle_closeupmantle_horizontalA little flat paint (always leftover from some project) and some light sanding to shabby-chic it up and there you go. I still need a rug and my furniture is still a work in progress. But, I kinda like the very conversational nook look it has. I might buy a settee to round out the seating. We’ll see. By the way, those two yummy and velvety chairs are from World Market. The hammering detail on the edges totally sold me. Most of the aqua pieces you see, I have painted. The little balloon dog was originally red and the bottles by the fireplace were a host of different colors picked up during Halloween clearance time at Michael’s. One of my favorite things in the room are the bookcase lights I picked up at Ikea. Such a sweet little accent. And at night…it looks so pretty. I’ll update with an evening shot in the near future.

So this was a big makeover. Months and months in the making and always changing, of course. What big makeover have you tackled and did you do it all yourself? If you did it all yourself, stop bragging. I feel bad already. ;)


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  2. Moani - January 7, 2014

    Hi! Awesome space! What are the measurements of space where your shelves are? I know funny question but we have a space similar. Are those Billy Bookcases from ikea? If not where are they from and what do they measure?

  3. Ginni - October 19, 2013

    Really love it! What a huge difference! You’re giving me inspiration to tackle my red brick fireplace wall. What is the finish and color of the white paint you used?

    • Sharon - October 20, 2013

      Thanks so much, Ginni! Go for it, it’s so worth it. I wish I knew the color, but I will tell you that you definitely want to go with a GLOSS. That’s what the painter told me. It looks so much better. If I can track down the white he used, I’ll let you know.

  4. judy - September 27, 2013

    Amazing redesign job! Believe me, you made the right choice about the floor. It is best done by professionals. Your creative direction and implementation is impressive – really beautiful and inspiring.

  5. Our Wolf Den - July 29, 2013

    You did an awesome job. The front room looks so homey and inviting. I love the huge windows and the way you hung your curtains. It looks like I should be seeing this in a magazine.

  6. Megan - July 29, 2013

    WOW! That is a HUGE improvement!

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