I Let The Dogs Out. Me. Me. Me. Me.

I Let The Dogs Out. Me. Me. Me. Me.

What can I say? It was just the perfect title for this post. Let’s start with the original canvas. Of course I jumped into my project (because I get that excited) and didn’t snap a pic of the canvas in its before state. (sad trombone) However, I found this really small and pixelated photo of what it did look like when. I bought the painting from Pier 1 Imports years ago, but it’s no longer sold there (at least I couldn’t find it on their site) so it was hard to dig this one up.

The canvas is 23.5″ X 23.5″ and was once home to a whimsical dandelion on a powder blue background. This fun find did work with my decor at one point years ago. But had since found a home in storage. (sad trombone again) That’s no place for a perfectly good canvas to be, right? Sooooo, what’s a girl to do? Repaint it, of course. But what? Well, one thing I love doing is coming up with fun crafts around my dogs, like I did here and here. And one of my favorite activities is taking my dogs, Pepper and Gracie, to the dog park in the summer. I have so many fond memories of taking Pepper to parks from Florida to California (she’s been a good moving buddy over the years). Since getting Gracie a couple years ago, it’s been even more fun because I get to see the two of them play and interact in their own funny dog park socializing way. Sometimes they go off separately and sniff new corners. Sometimes they tumble and tackle each other in an open field. Sometimes they’re running with a whole new pack. It’s definitely one of my life’s greatest pleasures — to watch them play.

When I was thinking about what I wanted to change this painting to, something with the dogs playing had to come to life. I’m no great painter, but I’m good at globs and streaks and stuff. No fanciful bowl of fruit shading going to happen when a brush is in my hand. So I had to keep it simple. Then I thought, when I’m bored and doodle, my go-to sketch is a park scene, complete with blades of grass and a tree with a hole for a critter’s home and a sporadic peppering of pretty flowers. So the park scene was a reasonable goal. I can do a park! The dogs running at the park! Done. And even if I couldn’t pull it off, there was always some white paint ready to erase any ugly. I grabbed some paint (a variety of acrylics I had on hand) and had at it. Remember the last time I did this? No plan. Just paint and a canvas? I love how that one turned out and I figured twice is a charm, right? Something like that. Well, I spent maybe a total of 15 minutes on this. Seriously, my boyfriend left the room and came back and I had a painting. This was that painting.



I love how they are in silhouette and just sprinting through the scene. Gracie following, of course. The subtly of it felt so charming and sweet. The original dandelion painting had some texture on the corners, and instead of trying to sand them off, I kept it on there for something a little interesting. Ok, that’s a lie. I was too lazy to go get the sheets of sand paper and figured it would just work. And it did. And does! Next on the list — sealer! I used Americana Multi-Purpose Sealer, it gives a really nice sheen to the piece and finishes it perfectly.


Dry and ready to go up! Look at my doggies having fun at the park. Makes me very happy.

I have it hanging in the hallway that leads from the back of the house to the front. It’s a perfect place, because it’s a high traffic area and you never miss it. Which garners lots of attention and creates curious conversations. “Did you paint that?” I did. And you guys can do it too.

There you have it. My recycled canvas painting. Something I made into a sweet reminder of my fondest memories with my dogs. It makes me smile every time I see it. I’m so glad I took the old dandelion canvas out of storage and found its new purpose. Have you ever repainted something? Are you totally ready to do it now? You should be! Go for it. And share the photos when you do. I’d bring the dogs back in but look at how much fun they’re having.


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