It’s My Heart In A Box!

It’s My Heart In A Box!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I thought I’d share the little surprise I made for my guy for Valentine’s Day. I had the idea of somehow showcasing a conversation candy heart. Something simple and sweet that could sit on his bedside table as a reminder of how much he means to me.

But when I saw these candy heart erasers at Target, I knew the Craft Gods were watching over me. No ants will ruin this party. And they look JUST like the real thing. And I won’t eat them. Maybe. And as for the cute little box to complete my Valentine’s Day gift, a quick trip to Michael’s supplied me with just what I needed.

Before the paint and stain made its way onto this little keepsake, a little prying off of the inside panel was in order. A little heart sitting cute behind glass is the goal for this project.

And there was something oddly satisfying pulling these guys out.

And here’s our little heart keeper all ready for some stain and paint.

I dug out some left over stain from my coat rack project and slathered it on the exterior of the box.

And then we have this! Amazing what a little stain will do.

As for the inside, I wanted to keep it mostly white, to keep it bright and light, but I chose a contrasting color from the heart I was going to use, so it would really pop off the background. I kept the brush strokes kind of organic and fun. Wasn’t going for precise lines, because it just made it feel a bit more sweet that way. I used some of the blue to do the inside cover, as a little surprise for when you opened the box. (Step 2, have him open the box) :)

As for the heart, a little chubby piece of double-stick tape worked perfectly. I like that it gave it a bit of a lift off the surface, like a shadow box kind of look.

And in she goes. A little heart with a big message.

A trick with painting anything around glass, no need to tape it off. Try not to be too messy, but don’t worry about any paint that gets on the glass, a simple swipe with a razor blade and it was never there.

Time to close her up and enjoy the pretty view.

Here’s where I put the box for him to see when he went to bed that night. A sweet little reminder right there for him day and night.

Did you do any fun DIY for Valentine’s Day this year? Did the kids bring home a bunch of cute goodies from school? Love to hear about it. Hope you had a wonderful day full of love.









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  1. Megan - February 14, 2014

    What a cute idea! And I love how the box turned out. It’s a great little piece of decor for next to the bed.

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