Before I share my next DIY project. Let me introduce you to two very important girls in my life.

1070092_10152100760949199_1413315605_nThat’s me with Pepper & Gracie. Two of the most spoiled dogs you’d ever meet. Pepper is 10 and a loyal funny friend who loves her sister. Gracie is 2 and a crazy smart and sweet young lady who’s 1 week away from being a certified Therapy Dog. YAY!

So, back to how they’re spoiled? Well I like to spend a lot of time on the back patio and in the pool. And the doggies like to be out there, too. From time to time, they get hot under the sun and want a drink of water. Of course I didn’t want to plop down any stainless steel dish and have it not go with the rest of the patio. So the plan was to find something to house said dish. Something fun and fitting.

With their bowl in hand, I hit the aisles of Home Depot and after many, many, many attempts of finding something that fit their bowl (because I didn’t want to buy a new one just for this), I came across this guy.Screen Shot 2013-06-21 at 12.22.32 AM

Insert bowl and VOILA! Happy Home Depot dance time. (That happens a lot in the store, by the way. They can tell you.) Here’s a tip. My bowl has rubber lining the bottom of it, so it helps to grip the inside of the pot so it doesn’t move around at all.

bowl3 It’s a snug fit without it, but I think preventing any shifting is a good thing. Dogs don’t like their water bowls to move. It’s what I’ve heard. On the street. From other dogs.

Now, what color should it be? Hmmm, color? Color?

bowl1How about ORANGE!!?!?? Good choice. Off to the paint aisle to get this guy.

photo copy 8I definitely wanted a gloss finish, so the sun would glisten off it all pretty like. So after a few light coats and a good day’s worth of drying. We have this…. bowl2

How’s it work? Well during our photoshoot, Gracie decided to do an impromptu demonstration.

bowl4Have you done any fun outdoor DIY projects? Do tell. Are you addicted to painting things like I am? It’s just so easy, I can’t help it! Share what you’ve done and I just might steal the idea! ;) Have fun out there!

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