ImageThere’s been one thing lingering around our pool that’s been driving me nuts. And no it’s not the next-door neighbor that loves to crash the pool when we’re at work. I’m talking about blue drippings of paint on the concrete from when the pool was painted PROFESSIONALLY a few years back. Just kept being one of those things I’d see on the way into the house and say, “I gotta take care of that.” Carrying the groceries in, “ugh, I gotta take care of that.” Resting along the edge of the pool, “oh yeah, I gotta take care of that.” So when I was trying to clean off stubborn paint from my hands from another project, I reached for some Goof Off under the sink. As the paint easily rinsed off my fingers, I figured it’s gotta do a good job on that gotta-take-care-of-that paint by the pool.

ImageThat paint is supposed to be IN the pool. Not AROUND the pool. Silly painters. Time to Goof Off!

What I used:

1. Professional strength Goof Off in a can


2. Old toothbrush (I stash them away after they’ve been laid off from the bathroom)

3. Bucket

4. Water

5. Muscles

It’s pretty simple. Spray, brush, rinse. Repeat. Spray, brush, rinse. And keep going until you see it disappear.

ImageThe paint that professionals use on pools is an epoxy, so that stuff is a bugger. It did not want to go. But after about 10 minutes of scrubbing, I got this.

ImageOh yeah! Here’s that before and after again.

ImageNow I can walk past the pool with no pesky project trying to garner my attention. Except for the concrete repairs. The flowers I want to plant. The curtains I want to replace in the garage window. The….ok, I’ll stop there. At least the paint’s gone!

What have you put off and finally conquered? Would love to hear about it. Did you goof off, too?

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  1. jessthetics - June 20, 2013

    I’m glad you managed to get the paint off! Our landlord had the kitchen replastered and they left plaster all over our surfaces, oven, even our dishes! So annoying xx


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