Make Your Own Coat Rack and Welcome Art

Make Your Own Coat Rack and Welcome Art

I’ve been wanting to make some hallway magic for awhile now. In fact, the letters I used for this were purchased online a few months ago at I knew I wanted to do something in this space, but was just waiting for inspiration. This front entrance/foyer wall was featured in a previous makeover here. So here’s a before pic of the wall for this project.

Striped Gray & White WallSo when it came to inspiration, it was born out of seeing a pile of coats here and there around the house. Nothing made it to the coat closet. Ironic, isn’t it? So, this wall was screaming, “Put a coat rack on me!” I’ve seen DIY coat racks all over Pinterest and the designs that featured long racks of hooks taking up some big real estate are what caught my eye. Like this double decker one, this more traditional warm one, this whimsical inventive one and this super cool and clean one. I thought I’d go for a nice bold and clean look. Taking up the entire length of the wall so we can hang up our coats and leave plenty of room for guests, too. So, after measuring the wall at an exact 73″, I headed to Home Depot.

homedepotI was in search of something knotty and a little banged up. When I mentioned this to an employee there, he said, “I’ve gotta say, that’s the first time a customer has requested something like that.” I promised him that I would come back with pictures of how this turned out. :) After getting this sliced down to the 73 inches I needed, I grabbed some hooks from aisle 11, and some anchors to make sure this baby will stay up there no matter how many coats get piled on it.

anchorsThese anchors were perfect, mostly because they came with a drill bit that is the exact size for the anchors. WIN! So, I got what I needed and headed home to get this simple project going. Here’s how the rack got made!

Now to get it up on the wall. Well, first we gotta let it dry….ok, it’s dry. Let’s put it up. The anchors worked great. I thought maybe I would have to do the anchors into the wall and then secure it to the studs, too. But, it was overkill. Two anchors in and Mr. Coat Rack was up for good.

Eight hooks ready to be hung. I measured and measured and measured. How far in should they be? How far apart should they be? Each hook ended up being spaced at 7.75″ and to get the holes started for the hooks, I just made my center mark and then used the hooks themselves as a template. 8 hooks x 2 holes each = 16 circles with my pen. And once I drilled all those holes, the hooks went up like a charm.

DIY Coat Rack

I’m so in love. The stain is a perfect contrast to the stripes. I also love how it’s not completely flush board on the ends and has some imperfect rustic quality to it. Just what I wanted. But now we needed to dress it up. I first thought about doing some kind of phrase between the hooks. One letter in each space to spell out a fun greeting. My boyfriend came up with “LET’S HANG” which would have perfectly fit. Some runner ups were, “HI FRIEND, “HANG IT UP,” “COME ON IN” AND “WELCOME!” I was completely ready to get the paint out and start adding my letters to the wood. But when I opened up my craft door, I saw those pretty birch letters I bought so many months ago and instantly knew what I was going to do! The artwork was going to headline the coat rack. And then the coats won’t cover the message, either. Done! Time to paint. I brought out all my fun colors and just winged it. I knew I wanted something multi-colored and muted, not too bright.

They dry quickly, especially when you shoot a hot blow dryer at them because you’re anxious to get it up on the wall. So a little 3M double stick action on each letter and we’re ready to start spelling. I started with the middle letter of the second word and centered it on my wall – 36.5″ in. And, because I’m totally ok with winging some things, I eyeballed the placement of each letter and used my level to make sure it was all lining up.


And here’s the other side of the wall, for the curious folks. We’re a dog-friendly home, so of course we featured our first born adopted, Pepper! I got that drop box “mail” item at Target. It’s the perfect place to dump keys, company ids, train passes and more when you get home.

And here’s one more shot of the pretty opposite wall.

I think it’s a great happy message to get when you enter our home – you’re here and we couldn’t be more delighted. I hope this project makes you smile and gives you inspiration to inject personality into your home’s entrance. My boyfriend actually said this morning that it looks like it was there the whole time. Now THAT’S a compliment. :) What have you done in your home to welcome friends and family? Any interesting foyer friendliness? Hope to hear all about it.

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  1. Jerry - October 6, 2015

    Great tutorial and blog post. If you are ever looking to do another project using wooden letters or monograms, give me a shout.

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