It’s no surprise to those who know me, that I’m a big Disney theme parks fan. It started when I first visited Walt Disney World when I was 12 and followed me into adulthood when I became a Cast Member (employee) during college summers and after I graduated and became a Copywriter. So, I try to visit the parks a couple times a year. It’s a little bit like going home for me. Doesn’t hurt that I have friends that live about a mile away from Walt Disney World. M-I-C…K-E-YES!!!! And, yup, I have a favorite park – all of them!

This past April, my boyfriend and I visited Disneyland in California and I picked up one of the cutest pieces of memorabilia I’ve ever owned. And I have some cute pieces, let me tell you. It’s the miniature version of the ever-so-popular Mickey ears. Check out all the Fab Five fun below.550-mousekeears-2They also had some in a host of colors, including my most favorite color ever — AQUA! I grabbed that fella fast.photoWhen I got my sweet little friend home, it was now a matter of where to put it. This guy needed to be showcased. Just propping him up on a desk just wasn’t enough wow.

littlehat1Then, one day as I was cleaning out that back part in the cupboard where sad and lonely appliances and dishware that never get used live, I saw this cheery bit of glass happiness. And the thought that ran through my head was, “why do I have a cake stand?” “When do we ever use a cake stand?” I mean, any cake here is gone before it can leave its original box. And this dainty lady was working over time trying to convince me to use her. Look how pretty and delicate she is.

littleears5And then this happened!littleears3


I’ve allotted two shelves on one of our bookcases to house my favorite Disney memories. And this is where Little Aqua Mickey would reside. Right next to his good friend, Pluto.

Now, I know I have separated Miss Cake Topper from her better half, but I’m thinking there may be some fun plans ahead for her, too. But for now, I think the cake stand topper ended up being the perfect size to highlight this bit of Disney loveliness. It just makes it seem that much more special. And it is special. And that’s how I repurposed a cake stand to highlight a piece of art. Have you taken something and given it a new career? Do tell. Also, if you come over with cake, we’re gonna eat right out of the box if that’s OK with you.

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