My Wall’s Been Framed!

My Wall’s Been Framed!

Welcome to the gallery! Before I moved in, our hallway was singing the blues and the rest of the space joined in, too. It was a dated space that I couldn’t wait to get my hands on. One idea I had in mind was to make this area a montage of memories. I’ve always loved the look of a gallery wall full of white frames and a variety of pictures and nostalgia.

Create a wall montage of memoriesSo some fresh paint when up. A pretty Platinum Gray by Benjamin Moore on the walls and a simple pure white high gloss on the trim and doors. You can see more of how I updated the  space in this post here. Pepper is glad she doesn’t clash with the decor anymore. With the foundation of the wall complete, it was time to get my frames up there. Note: some people asked to be blurred out, so that’s why some of this post is very Nightline hide-my-identity-ish. Wall of FramesI think what’s important when creating a gallery wall is to find one cohesive element. For me, it was white. All of the frames had to be white (which meant a few cans of spray paint were used here). With all of that white keeping them connected, I could then have fun with mixing up the content. If you have something fun you want to hang up, go for it. Here I’ve included 3-D wood art, theatre tickets, funny doodles, family drawings, different frame shapes, nostalgic illustrations and so on. Here’s are some highlights of the wall.

How to create a wall montageHere’s a closer look at the variety of stuff I included on the wall.

You might think the tricky part is getting it all hung up and looking balanced and full. It’s not tricky. It’s easy. All you need is some sheets of paper, a level and something for writing.

Organizing Picture FramesI created a paper template of each frame, titled it and then hung up and moved and moved and moved and moved and moved the sheets until I liked the look. Trick: Mark on the paper where the nail hole would go. That way, when you’re happy with the layout, all you have to do is hammer a nail in, pull the paper away and hang up your frame. Then level your frames and anchor them on a corner with some removable 3M tape. That’s it!    Wall Frame MontageOur new gallery wall gets so much attention. I love it when family and friends spend time reminiscing and chatting about what they discover. The wall is definitely a great balance of our individual memories and ones we have created together. I can’t pick a favorite, but I will say I love the picture of my mom back in the 60’s when she was boarding a plane in Panama for her move to the United States. (Second row up, second picture in). Have you tackled a wall like this? What tips might you have to share? I’m telling you, the paper template trick makes it so easy. The hardest part is trying to narrow down what makes it on the wall. Thankfully, this wall was a manageable size. In fact, it’s darn right perfect.

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  1. Novella @ - February 3, 2014

    Of course I love the frames, but especially how the house turned :)
    It’s comfier and prettier! Congrats :)
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