Oh, Target. I Can’t Quit You.

Oh, Target. I Can’t Quit You.

I should preface this post with the fact that it is in no way sponsored by Target. These are solely the thoughts and fan-focused feedback from this Target aisle creeper. Because, I’m sorry, that dollar bin at Target (The One Spot) is out-of-control awesome. Every season. Every holiday. Every day there is something fun and cute to grab. So that’s why I wanted to share my most recent fun finds and gotta-haves from my retail excursion.

You guys, there is so much you can do with the stuff they stock in this section. Crafts. Gifts. Repurposing. Embellishments. Decorating. Organizing. The list goes on. Of course, since it’s Valentine’s Day season, you’re going to see some ridiculously sweet heart-day things. And some of it can carry through the entire year. So, in no particular order. Here are my super fun lovelies from Les Target.

15 Reasons Why Target’s $1 Bin is Awesome 1

I love the hot pink chevron, of course, but it’s so handy. Great for organizing coupons or photos or business cards. It’s all up to you. Whatever you put in this, it’s gonna look good!2

You’d think $1 socks would be just some plain old boring white socks. Oh, no. They come in all kinds of fun designs, including this pretty argyle set.

3I think this one is dangerous. Why? Cause it’s at stroller height and you know how kids go bananas for Goldfish. It’s an easy reach-and-grab for a hungry toddler. Or a middle-aged lady on her lunch break. Anyway, this is pretty smart. One dollar and one quick snack.

4I think these elastic ribbons would be a great rubber band substitute. Think of all the things you can bundle with pretty little ribbon. Or use them as embellishment on gifts. Either way, your stuff is going to be pretti-fied 5I have a great idea for this mini clip board…magnets! Just attach some to the back and use this on your refrigerator to jot down grocery list needs. Or, use it to display a Valentine’s Day night menu for that scrumptious meal you’re going to make your honey. (hint, hint) 6

CANDY!!!! 7Chocolate + Valentine’s Day + $1 = hello! You could use these year-round as a sweet little surprise to leave for your kids in their lunch or on your sweetie’s pillow. That’s love.  8Not only can you get wrapping paper for a buck. You can get THIS kind of wrapping paper. Adorable designs and all kinds of colors. This is just so great.  9Kitschy is something you are sure to discover all over the place at Target. Even the $1 bins! These lip clips make me smile.  10

Not one pen for $1. Two pens for $1. And I think the left one looks like confetti. I’m gonna have to go back and nab those.  11

When your kids bring home the sweet little Valentine’s they get from classmates, they can store them here. Bring it out every year and keep those sweet memories tucked away in a happy little spot. And it cost you $1!


This bundle of buttons is cute, but check out the packaging. There are so many things beyond sewing that you can do with buttons. Search it on Pinterest and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  13Lucky you, these are $1, too. A simple way to add some day-of-the-Irish charm to your kitchen.  14I can’t believe how clever this is. Forget those chip and dip bowls. Slide these over the sides of your bowl and fill away. You can put all kinds of dips out now. Oh, and did you see that? They’re a $1.

15The fox says, “Yes, I would love to hold your writing utensils for you.” That’s what the fox says.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I know every Target carries something different, so next time you head to Target to get something (and leave with 20 extra things like I always do) take a look down the aisles of The One Spot. If you’re a Target fan like I am, you know you’re gonna find really fun stuff and for a great low price. I don’t have to tell you how perfect this area is for Christmas stockings. I love going through the bins with friends, because we get a kick out of what we discover. “Ooh look at this!” ‘Cute.” “What can we make with this?” So what fun finds have you uncovered out there in retail land? Share the shopping love.



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  1. Karen Barnes - April 18, 2014

    Target is one of my favorite stores! I have to drive 30+ minutes to get to one so I don’t get there as often as I like, but when I do, the One Spot sucks me right in. Coolest stuff ever – for a buck! That’s what I’m talking about!!!

  2. Brandi Clevinger - February 10, 2014

    Love the One Spot! I also like the little books, crafts, and coloring stuff for little ones. I keep a stockpile of these for when they get bored or need an extra ‘pat on the back’ for doing something great! And when there’s a discount on the Cartwheel app – bonus!!

    Thanks for sharing – love your captions – they are so fun!

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