flowers1Our backyard pool area is still a work in progress, but I wanted to easily dress up the fence for a pool party we were having, without going too crazy with a big purchase of flowers and digging, etc. I’m open to all of that but not until we decide how we really want it to look. But I still needed something to dress it up for now. Something short-term and pretty. Here’s how the fence looked after some power washing and pea gravel framing.peagravelThe concrete is next and I’m picturing some really pretty boxes of flowers and some big planters, too. Oh, and picture a canopy of twinkling lights at night. Ooooh. Ahhhh. But back to my temporary fix. The idea came to me while shopping at CB2 (I know, right?) and I saw these lovelies!

tubeLove! One simple nail and you have a fun fence vase. I picked up 6 of these bad boys and gingerly carried them home. $2.95 each, that’s an economical quick fix if you ask me. So 6 of these guys went up. Some fresh flowers were purchased during one of my grocery trips and we have some beautifulness on the fence, people! See for yourself!


Fun, huh? I think they’d be really good inside, too. Picture a grid of these on a wall with some pebbles and pretty greenery. How about a fun pencil holder in your mail area? The options are endless. (echo) Alright with summer here, what have you done outdoors to spruce things up? Whether you have acres to work with or a quaint little patio, would love to hear about the ideas you’ve put together.

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  1. R. J. Kessler - July 1, 2013

    Those flowers really inject life into the patio! But how much maintenance would you say they require? As in, how often do you replace them as they die off? Or do you only use this for, say, a special event?

    • Sharon Sprague - July 1, 2013

      Great question! I really did only plan on using them for the party we were having, HOWEVER, they ended up lasting a week. Didn’t touch them once and it was hot and humid all those days.

  2. Our Wolf Den - July 1, 2013

    Those are so cute and pretty. They added just a splash of color to make the fence area look really inviting.

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