Recaulk. Restore. Rejoice!

Recaulk. Restore. Rejoice!

This will be a quick post, you guys. That’s because it’s such a quick and easy project. Don’t be afraid to get the caulk gun out and redo your seal for a fresh new look. Our backsplash was just wretched. The kitchen was remodeled before we moved in and there was all kinds of wrong going on with the backsplash. Cracking. Gaps. Stain drips from when the cupboards were finished. Just a hot icky mess.

Before pic of old caulk sealI’ll be honest. I was putting this one off, thinking maybe we’d change out the tile (the blue little flowers just aren’t me) and because I was a little scared of doing this myself. But a good search of videos and how-tos on the old internet put my worries to rest and I armed myself. (note: the tile will eventually be gone, but for now, the seal must change!) I’m so sorry that I don’t have while-I-was-doing-it photos, because both of my hands were occupied. From caulk gun to rag, there wasn’t time to grab the camera without recaulking my camera, too. It can be messy, but not bad if you’re prepared. You can totally do this, and here’s how.

What you need:

  • Caulk gun (you can just get caulk in a tube and skip the gun part, ask your local home improvement store about this option)
  • Caulk (clear, white….it’s up to you)
  • Single-edged razor in a razor blade holder
  • Frog tape
  • Lime Away
  • Denatured alcohol
  • Rag
  • Garbage can with garbage bag in it


It’s really a simple 5-step process

1. Clean the area with Lime Away (works great for me) and remove as much old caulk as you can with the single-edge razor. Then wipe down with denatured alcohol and let it dry.

2. Tape off the area you want to recaulk.

3. With gun in hand, carefully run new caulk in the area between the two strips of tape

4. Put a rag in one hand, and using the index finger of your other hand run it along the caulk to the end, creating one clean line. (use the rag to clean off your finger)

5. Remove the tape before it dries and throw it in the garbage.

That’s it! Really. It takes like 10 minutes to do it all. Of course, this depends on how much area you need to cover. But it is a super quick DIY.

How to Tape Off for New CaulkAnd when you’re done, you have this! So pretty and so refreshed.

New caulk on kitchen backsplashNo more nasty. It’s amazing what some fresh new seal will do for your kitchen. Have you tackled a recaulking project? Got any tips to share with us? Photos would be great, too. Have fun. Be brave. And just DIY.

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