The Perfect Parking Space For Your Disney Antenna Toppers

The Perfect Parking Space For Your Disney Antenna Toppers

Every time I go to Walt Disney World, which is at least once a year if not more, I try to find some fun pieces to bring home. In recent years, the Disney product people have come up with some really cute antenna toppers for your car. Here are some I’ve picked up during my last few visits.

thetoppersUnfortunately, a few of mine have been stolen (like Super Mickey, TWICE).  So, I decided to do something else with my faves. Enter my fancy wood display. Well, maybe not so fancy, but pretty neat. If I do say so myself. I headed to Home Depot to find the perfect piece of wood. Something that was at least 26″ long (what I determined would fit 8 toppers), would look nice with some stain and would be chunky enough to allow a deep hole for the dowels. I also needed the dowel (1/4″ round). Here’s the scrap pile I scoured through to find the perfect piece!

scrappileThe piece I found was much longer than 26″ so enter my friend at Home Depot to cut it down for me. When I asked him how much this piece was, he said, “That’s just a piece of garbage, we use that in our shelving.” To which I said, “Well, it’s perfect for what I need, so how much do you want for it?” He said, “How about $50? No, wait, how about free?” I said, “I can do free!” Then we laughed when I said, “I like this because it’s the perfect chunkiness I need and I wanted a piece that was knott-ier.” He said, “Naughtier?? What?” I said, “No! Knots. Lots of knots in it!” ha. Always a good time at the Depot.



Not including the stain, here’s what I was working with for this project.

COSTOFOk, here’s what I did. After I sanded the piece of wood down, I marked the spots for my holes. I used a 7/32″ drill bit to make my holes and marked the center point for my toppers.


drillingI purposefully used a bit that was a tiny bit smaller than the diameter of the dowel. I’d rather work to make a bit more room in the hole with the bit, instead of making it too big with a bigger bit. As far as how to mark the space between each topper, I simply eyeballed this. They are all of different widths, so I couldn’t really evenly spread the holes out. Instead, I placed them where I thought they should be, marked the spot and drilled away. And with the dowel, I created 8 pieces at 2.5″ long each. Stain was next and I didn’t want to darken it, just make all the wood a bit richer and simply seal it. So I picked a pretty light stain with Poly already in it. Nice!


dowelsI let the stain dry (couple hours) and then arranged my toppers like a kid playing with Legos. Fun!

robotcloseupI found a shelf worthy of this spectacular display and the bookcase light gave it the spotlight it most definitely deserved.

ontheshelfI think it’s such a charming little piece of memorabilia and I don’t think anyone will try stealing these guys. Well, if they do, I’ll just have to get more. Darn. Most of the time antenna toppers just get circulated and spend most of their time stashed in a glove box. I think displaying them is a fun way to do something different.

inthebookcaseSo what fun things have you displayed? I’m really looking forward to getting more holiday specific ones and bringing those out seasonally. All Halloween will be my favorite, for sure. A Mickey ghost. Maybe something Haunted Mansion. OH yeah!

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  1. mark pelletier - March 17, 2014

    I didn’t know cars still have antennas. I guess some do.

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