mainspoolphoto This post is brought to you by the letter “M.” That’s “M” for my friend, Megan. She’s a sewing machine! Not really an actual sewing machine, but…you get it. She even started her own Etsy shop, Thimble & Tag. She asked me a few weeks back if I could make her a board to hold all of her spools of thread and, of course, I said, “YUH HUH!” And you know who came to mind next? PETE! Pete the Pallet. You may remember him from this post?

spoolnumber1Well, I had some Pete parts waiting in the garage to be used for something special. And this was something special! So, first thing was first. I needed a rough sketch of what I wanted to do.

sketchLet me explain the “M” part. I came across this pin on Pinterest and just fell in love with the execution. I had to try something like this out, and this project was screaming, “OOH ME! ME!” So I came up with my own version of it and gave it a go. My boyfriend’s son, Jack, so wanted to be part of the project. He’s one of my biggest House Confetti fans. :) Here he is helping me get the boards ready. He took them apart. Removed nails. And helped cut them to size. WAY TO GO, JACK!

jackSo, here’s how it went down. After Jack got my boards all good to go, it was time to sand. Jack was eager to help here, too. What kid doesn’t like a power tool?!? Supervised, of course.


spool2And to think this was wood that was going to go to the chipper. Not on my watch! Next, it was time to stain.

spool15 spool4 Love how the stain brings out the knots and the grain is all like, HERE I AM! I’m a big fan. Ok…next are the vertical braces to get these guys attached. Just some scrap wood to bring it all together. Literally.

spool5Now it’s starting to really look like something, huh? We’ve got a board, people! Let’s move on to paint. A little white wash to lighten things up. It’s pretty simple. I put some white paint in a bowl, douse it with water and use my roller to put it on and a rag to smear it in more and really get into the crevices.


spool7OH yeah! Megan said her sewing room is pink and gray and white…so toning this down seemed like a good idea. Well, what’s left to do? HAMMER AWAY! I measured and measured and measured, and, yes, measured again. 2 inches was the magic measurement. 2-inch spaces. 2-inch border. And I used my stencil to get the “M” nice and centered and cool looking. Actually, it was starting to look like a torture device of some sort. Creepy. Or cool. I don’t judge. See how the nails angle up a bit? That’s so the spools don’t come sliding off when it’s up on the wall. Oh, and don’t worry about some of those crooked guys. I took care of ’em. It was a quick “take-the-shot-before-you-forget!”


Ok, check out the little surprise I found in the wood. Right in the middle of my “M.” Yes, there’s a knot in the wood in the shape of a heart! How random is that? It ended up getting covered up, but we know it’s there. See, I build love into every one of my pieces. It’s true.

spool8Ok, now that all that hammering is DONE… (Oh my gosh, that was a lot of hammering. The dogs weren’t a fan of that part. But I showered them with kisses later and we were all good again.) Time to get the “M” ready for it’s spotlight. First, since Megan is a super big fan of the color pink, I couldn’t pass up this great yarn I found at Michael’s.

yarnI mean, come on, even the name is all cute and dainty. Now for the fun! I honestly had no plan with this. No instructions. I just kinda made my own design. Notice the gray yarn below? Yeah, I started with that and went “blech,” cause it blended too much with the background. And then purchased the pink. But you deserve an M-weaving action shot. And this is the one I have.

spool10So what’d it look like pretty in pink? Well, I thought you’d never ask.

spool16Yeah, I think I done good. It’s quirky and sweet. I just love it. Before I show the final shots, let me show you how it hangs up on the wall. Simple wire action. Two screws. Two washers to really tie down the wire and there you have it.

spool11And the board is complete. Almost! Let’s throw some spools on there to complete the look.

spool18 spool12 spool13 spool14And that is one good-looking, sewing-sensational, thread-terrificness, personalized spool display. If I do say so myself. I mean, seriously. It’s repurposed wood, nails, yarn, a splash of paint and stain and you got yourself a place to store all your spools. OH, and the matching bobbins, too! BYOS. I nabbed these from my boyfriend’s mom for the sake of the shot. Megan’s gotta bring her own spools.

How about all of you reading this? What’s your favorite hobby and how do you keep things nearby for easy access? Got any fun crafty ways to share? Please share, I love when you share.

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  1. Jo-Anne Leblond - December 21, 2013

    I would like to start receiving your posts…

    • Sharon - December 21, 2013

      Great! You can subscribe by entering your email on the right sidebar or choose one of the social buttons, including the Bloglovin link! So happy to have you. :)

  2. Christina P (NS) - September 5, 2013

    Hi there,
    Just popping over from the YHL forums, this is so cute – great job. I may have to make something similar, though I think I might add another row of smaller nails on the inside to hang the matching bobbins!

    • Sharon - September 6, 2013

      Thanks, Christina! So glad you found me. Funny thing, I didn’t photograph it with the bobbins, but I did plan for the bobbin to be on the nail. The nails are around 3″ long, so she’ll be able to hold the thread AND the matching bobbin on each one. You should totally do this, it’s easy and a neat way to showcase all the colors of thread instead of throwing them into the black hole of spools. Thanks for checking out my site!

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