STRIPEYSEnter a little bit of whimsy and drama.  Now when you come through our front door (that’s getting an upgrade soon, too) you get a friendly greeting from these bands of white and gray. Oh my goodness they make me so happy. I can’t believe I pulled them off. Turned out exactly how I had hoped. And it all comes down to one nifty little painting trick I’ve learned along the way. Keep reading to find out what it is. Seriously, you’re so gonna love me for this.

Painting Bold Stripes


• Base color (I went with the gray that’s throughout the main floor –  Benjamin Moore Platinum Grey, Flat)

• Stripe color (left over white I had from a previous project) Behr Ultra Pure White Self-Priming Interior Semi-Gloss Enamel, my gosh that’s a long name. I liked that the white had a little bit of a shine to it, in contrast to the flat gray, personal preference however.photo copy 4• Angled brush

• Measuring Tape

• Pencil

• Frog Tape (Oh how I love me some Frog Tape)

• Drop cloth

• Paint pan

• Paint roller (I used a smaller size that the standard one, which helped me better control the paint between the tape)

Step 1: Measure. I first measured the wall from floor to ceiling. I wanted some pretty thick stripes, so I took that measurement and divided it by 5 to get the size I needed for each striped section. Which turned out to be about 5 stripes at about 18″ a piece.

photo copyStep 2: Mark. With my measuring tape, I took that measurement and lightly marked a small guiding dash line down the wall and continued down. Those lines helped me make sure the tape stayed straight and level.

photo copy 6Step 3: Tape. Along the ceiling. Down the wall following my pencil marks. Around the closet door. (FYI, I didn’t do the opposite wall because we are having the door and jamb replaced, so I’ll finish the stripes there when that happens) Is it me or is the green against the gray looking kinda good. Ok, it’s just me.


Step 4: Here’s that magic painting trick I mentioned earlier! Put everything down and remember this. Ok…THIS is how you get those crisp clean lines. The white paint was going in the second and fourth bands. But before I dipped my brush in the white can, I painted along the tape in those sections with the same gray that’s on the wall. That created a barrier so the white wouldn’t go under the tape and make it, well, not a clean line. Let that dry completely before the next step.



Step 5: With the paint along the tape all dry, it’s time to break open the stripe color and get a rollin’. Here’s the next tip. If you use a flat finish, you can roll the paint all criss-cross (and you don’t stop). But if you use a gloss finish of any type, you want to keep your paint strokes up and down. I’m just full of tips today, aren’t I? I did a good 3 coats to make sure there wasn’t any gray peeking through.

ImageStep 6: The BEST part of all. You get to watch paint dry. Or do what I did and multi-task and start up another project and be all obsessive and stuff. Or not. Your choice.

ImageStep 7: With everything all dry, rip off the tape and bask in the glory. Oh, beautiful wall. How I love thee!photo copy 4Straight. Crisp. Take that, painter pros! And that’s my new wall. Got any paint tricks up your sleeve? Share with everyone. We’re all friends, aren’t we?

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  2. Our Wolf Den - July 2, 2013

    Gorgeous, I love horizontal stripes on walls (which is what I blogged about today as well). They look wonderful. They make the room look so much bigger and more fun. Great job!

  3. Megan - June 25, 2013

    Love these! And great paint tip. I need to keep that in mind. Are you going to hang anything on the wall across from the door?

  4. R. J. Kessler - June 25, 2013

    Beautiful! I’ve never even considered bold stripes on walls before.

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