We’ve Got An 8-Legged Clinger!

We’ve Got An 8-Legged Clinger!

In my last post, I shared some fun ideas for making your place really spooktacular this year. And the fun continues. I wanted to do something menacing on the window door that separates our sunroom from the rest of the house. I had to do something spider related (which you’ll see why soon enough), so I came up with this idea just made out of electrical tape and some rubber spiders. That’s really it. Oh, I hate spiders by the way. Arachnopho-ICK!!! Even digging through my stash of rubber spiders from last year’s Halloween really creeped me out. I thought, “What if a real one got in there and I pull that one out!!???” EEEEK! But back to the window cling. There are all kinds of window clings you can buy to dress up your windows for Halloween. From adorable ghosts to evil pumpkins. But, why buy it if you can make it, right?  Here’s what you need.

How To Make a Creepy Crawly Halloween Window Cling


You’ll need to add your creepy resident, too. (not pictured above)

spiderguyIf every spider wore a top hat like my friend above, I’d be more than willing to let them hang out. He fancy’s up the place! And comes with 8 jazz hands!

Ok, here are the really tough instructions. I’ll try to make it as simple as possible.

1. Lay out the tape and SLASH AWAY! I mean, carefully cut it into thin strips of the length you want for your area.

2. Put the tape on the window!

3. Add spider!

Whew, I know! Let me show you how the web starts out.


Create some strips going out length wise. You can just make this up as you go, based on your window. That’s what I did. Put the strip down and then cut it to length.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThen start to add the connecting lines. You’ll see that as they go off of each other, they start to angle down. Like the top line here, the middle one starts to angle down from the far right one and so on. That will give you the cool webby look. And you’ll have done it with TWO hands and not 8. Way to go!


So you keep connecting it all together until you have a look you like and then add your multi-legged friend with a little hot glue or double stick tape. The hot glue comes off easily, so no worries there. I actually added little felt dots to the bottom of my guys and then hot glued them on. It gave the glue something hardier to hold onto, instead of just the rubbery part of the spider.


And you got yourself some creepy Halloween window clings! And, for me it cost 0$. I had the tape and the glue and the spiders. The electrical tape creates nice sharp lines and is so easy to apply and remove. Have fun with it. Stay tuned for the big Halloween decoration reveal in the coming weeks. So what are you going to do to dress up your abode this Halloween? Will spiders attack? Got ghosts playing hosts? Witches casting spells on you? You gotta share your decoration secrets with the rest of us. Oh, and if you have a Spirit Halloween store by you, you have to go check them out. I was there earlier this week to stock up on some spider-rific stuff and I was floored. Their selection and way of displaying is crazy good. They’ve really stepped up their game and it’s a Halloween fan’s dream!


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