When Spiders Attack (my door)!

When Spiders Attack (my door)!

Here’s something I made as Part 2 of my “When Spiders Attack” Halloween MMXIII. Part 1 featured the Spider Window Cling I made here.


12-inch wreath from Michael’s



So, I know my spiders are pretty much black with some blue and green popping up here and there and you may be wondering why I spray painted them with more black…but I wanted to achieve one seamless finish on the entire thing so it looked like the spiders had grown into the wreath. That’s why I stuck my spiders in first (hot glued) and then sprayed away. CREEPY! Or as my arachnophobic friend Josh texted when he saw my spider theme come to life, “NIGHTMARE!” My wreath and paint are from Michael’s. The spiders were picked up here and there (Party City, Spirit Halloween and the big black widow chick is from Michael’s with a 40% coupon, thank you very much).




And that’s another reveal in my big “When Spiders Attack” Halloween MMXIII. The biggest reveal is coming soon. We are just about done with all the leggy details. Can’t wait to show you! So what’s coming to life at your house? Please share your Halloween plans with us! Oh, and I forgot! Happy October! :)


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